Shades Of Green

One day last week, there was this amazing green painted car parked across the road from work. A classic Chevy. WOW .

what a colour!  I don’t think I’d ever seen such a shade of green before. It was really splendid. My mind was busy running through the Aura-Soma bottles, and bottle number 10 was the nearest. It,s name Go Hug A Tree, deep green over deep green.  We can all hug a tree when we need too. green is the colour of the heart energy centre, it is dependable,   strong and honest.  What kind of person would paint a car this colour well, while I was swooning over this green, the owner came up to me and said it was his car, I have known this man as a customer for years. He is a quiet and gentle spoken person, who gives his time as a volunteer with such good grace. He is just the perfect person for a car this shade of green

By the time I had got home, I really had green on my mind.  I walked around the house just looking at favourite green things. Like the sage green throw over the arm of the settee, I have loved it for years. The little green glass bottle in the bathroom with deep blue cornflowers in it.  The wonderful pale green screen that Clive made for his sister, and I scored when she moved away, I have it in the Rainbow room adding a feeling of harmony and peace as you walk in. There,s the soft toy frog called  FILMORE  sitting on some books in the hall and we must not leave out little Kermit who is happy to sit here on my desk as I write. Then there are the other shades of green Aura-Soma bottles and my favourite green crystal,s.  But I will save then for next week’s page. ADD A LITTLE GREEN TO YOUR DAY.


What fun a group of about thirty women of all ages were having at an embroidery workshop a few weeks ago at Jasper and my favourite place to have coffee, Vintage Industries. The workshop was run by a delightful young woman Katey Pittwood. It was so nice to hear all the chatter and watching as they showed each other their work. Took me back to classes at the polytechnic many years ago that got me so interesting in handcrafts off all kind but mostly cross stitch. Did so much of it when my children were growing up. I really would have loved to join this group. It proved to me that those old crafts are still with us and here was a whole crowd of excited ladies working and sharing together something that their grandmother would have done.  I felt rather inspired to do more handcrafts.As soon as I got home I found the two 1950 cushion covers I ‘d bought at a church fair some years ago. They were rather faded with many years of use but with some work to add a touch of brightness to the faded colours and some retro material I have made two very lovely cushions they look really wonderful again.

As soon as I got home I found the two 1950 cushion covers I ‘d bought at a church fair some years ago. They were rather faded with many years of use but with some work to add a touch of brightness to the faded colours and some retro material I have made two very lovely cushions they look really wonderful again.  And I’m now looking for other ideas for the winter months.


Raven ~ All-Seer

He has no need, to go about helter-skelter

Being always in just the right place

For he is simply there;

Seldom restricting this to a singular point

In any given moment in time

Through the vast Cosmos

Of innumerable, separating dimensions

This bird of twilight, has few limitations;

His sight is not blinded by the absence of light

Nor by the intensity, of a retina-frying super nova

With a sense of purpose needle straight,

Though the passage of his observation

Maybe scattered, as if mapping extremities

Of the divergent starlight points

An observer of all phases of relevance

And the keeper of the secret histories

© Robbie Grace – © Clive Robbie Grace





I remember seeing a photo in a free local Sunday newspaper in the first few years that we had been here in New Plymouth. It must have been about forty years ago and, would you believe I have never forgotten that photograph. It depicted a boxing match at Western Park between local Taranaki man, Tommy Donovan and the American, Pete Sharon. The year was 1930. The ring was centre stage on the sports field and the four terraces, and further up towards what was to become Churchill Heights, were packed solid with people; mostly men and en masse they were wearing trilby hats.

I have walked with different dogs in and around the sports field in all kinds of weathers throughout the intervening years and have loved the green openness, the great trees and the amazingly lovely mountain and sea views from Churchill Heights.

How things have changed over the last three or four years.

Tall uncut grasses and the invasive wild honeysuckle have well and truly taken over the top terrace. The three sets of steps are a real danger for anyone going up or down them as the couch grass has worked its way along the steps. On the odd occasion, each side of these steps are sprayed with weed killer and it keeps it away for a moment or two.

I find it rather sad that even the dedicated dog walkers can no longer walk along the terraces because the grass is mostly so high that the legs of my pants above my tall gumboots get wet and what remains of the very narrow pathway is not safe to walk along.

Once a place is left in need of care and attention and becomes neglected it loses its soul and heart. People treat it with less respect. Rubbish is abandoned and of course, fewer and fewer people use the park and the wonderful walk through the trees to Churchill Heights. The council has a schedule for cutting the grass on the terraces and other areas but even then the quality of workmanship is rather poor. They must have a time limit and a price that the council have to adhere to on the work. So corners must be cut and sadly, it is very noticeable these days.

In a similar way, the once proud and very grand tall entrance gates on Morley Street hill, that just a few years ago were taken away to be stripped and repainted, also look very sad. The depth of gravel that has washed off the pathway, the vegetation that has been allowed to pile up, the weeds and the ever-present rubbish, put to shame this once grand entrance.

It saddens me that a piece of our local history is being allowed to erode and degrade. Living in such a beautiful city, have we become complacent and forget that we need to preserve and safeguard our historic sites for future generations to enjoy and use? What would it take to restore this piece of land to a place that can once again be utilised and loved by the people of New Plymouth?

Photo curtsey of Puki Ariki

Thank you, Ruth, at Poppies book shop for your help in finding the photo in the book.

And for Stephanie for your help and understanding.


I always think that having a baby donkey named after me was a great compliment and I felt honoured and quite delighted. Gracie is now eight years old and I still get a little thrill when I think about it. And believe me, that name looks rather nice on her.

So can you imagine the delightful treat to have a magnolia named after me?

A dear friends father in law bread magnolias And as one of them grew, he didn’t think it was worth keeping as it did not come up to his standards. But dear Barbara didn’t dispose of it, instead, she dug a hole and planted it in the country garden. It was at least twenty-nine feet tall when I fist saw it and it’s beautiful large white flowers were just divinely lovely. I was busy taking photos and asked its name as I took a photo. Oh, it doesn’t have one and she told me why!! Not many days later she brought a flower from that tree into town for me and we talked about naming it after all the years it had been growing and flowering with no name. Barbara had given a good deal of thought and had come up with Angel Grace. The smile on my face was one of my very best ever.


Painted Buildings

It was mid week and I thought it would be nice to take myself and dear little Jasper for coffee. Off we went to Ozone on King street, that’s just behind The King and Queen Hotel. Great coffee and very pleasant service. We found a sunny spot and made ourself’s comfortable.

I noticed two buildings painted BLACK across the road from where I was sitting. There they were side by side, The more modern of the two build around the early sixties I would think, was a lawyer’s office. The windows are a grey colour, and it looks rather dark inside. Why so dark? And why Black? Then we see Blacks interesting story. It is honourable, conservative and dignified. Black is also connected with a strong sense of discipline, order and self- control. Black likes to be in charge of situations by keeping control of information. And Black is the colour that holds the power of judgement. There is nothing weak about Black, It is diplomatic and detached. What more could we want from a lawyers office?

The hairdressers next door have always been one of my favourite old buildings. I can remember it being an upholstery shop many years ago. There was so much stuff in there that I often wondered if they ever found anything after it was put down. Such a very interesting shop to walk into. Build around 1910, it is a tall shop with two huge windows each side of lovely double doors. The whole front is painted a high gloss, Black. It,s rather majestic looking, and if you look inside you will see that the old wooden floor is painted RED how powerful a statement is that? Here we see Black as it puts on a different hat. Black is self~assured, objective and graceful. Black can be wonderfully liberating. It has the potential to bring order out of chaos. Black can be seductive, elegant and sometimes dramatic. Black brings us confidence, protection and maturity. Makes me want to book in for a fabulous new hair style.



The corner of Devon West and Dawson Street is a very busy intersection. Especially as a rather large Government office building is being built on one of the corners.

I was walking into town on a busy Lunch time, one day last week. There were cars and trucks of every size, shape and of course colour. They all seemed to be going somewhere in rather a rush. As I got closer to the traffic lights, I saw a movement in the sky. Just a flicker of light ahead of me. Stopping to take a look I saw it was a tiny white feather. Amongst the hustle and bustle of so many people’s busy lunch time I stopped and my world stood still as I was enchanted and watched it fall, slowly, gently, so very softly to the ground. Yes, a moment of truly pure peace.