As It got closer to a time that I knew I had to move on from my busy life working as a Herbalist in a large pharmacy. It was a big decision to make and a wonderful relief to hand in my notice to the person I worked for. The idea of writing and posting my colour thoughts helpt me in so many ways and got me through the last ten days.


Monday Day 10

One has to be brave to give up the security of paid employment. So RED is today’s colour, with it,s power to be daring, optimistic and empowered. Red with its ability to keep moving forward opening new doors as it moves along. Red is very practical and dislikes to hang around and loves to get somewhere

Tuesday day 9

I had tea with a dear friend last night. She told me how pleased she was that I was, at last, leaving a full-time job. I felt loved and cared for as we talked about the many changes and blessings heading my way as I set forth on a new journey in my life.

There is so much for me to do, and I have the rest of my life, to be myself, to enjoy my days and spend more days with vibration of the very cheerful and amusing YELLOW

bringing in many smiles every day.

A quote from Margaret Peters

“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters”

Wednesday Day 8

From the pen of C.S Lewis Who wrote the book, The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

“you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”

Don,t you love that one? everyone let’s get dreaming. A Pink moment I think. Always treat yourself with kindness, self-esteem and compassion. Pour Pink on troubled waters, and when your feeling in the Pink you can fall in love over and over again. This colour nourishes and supports, taking away negativity and replacing it with the potency of unconditional love. Shall we look for Pink moments today?

Thursday Day 7

What colour will it be today? … MAGENTA

Add red to violet and we get that brightest of the pinks Magenta

This wonderful bright colour is often described as love in the little things and love for the self. It is love merged with service, caring in the doing and attention to detail. Magenta helps to recover from sorrow with dignity and accepts that things are the way they are, without being the victim.

Magenta lets you assume new responsibilities and it can be the greatest organiser of them all.

Friday Day 6

“Thank God” it’s my penultimate (I love that word ) Friday. And the last Friday that I will be thinking what can I pack into the weekend so I’ll have a head start for the working week. Or working at being busy doing things that did not get done in the working week just gone. Do we ever stop? Off course we don’t. We are well versed in how to do what is expected of us. We saw how our parents did it, and our friends behave in the same way mostly. It just goes on and on. But not for me any more. Life is looking slower, more well-paced, more gentle moments.

The colour for today has to be BLUE

Royal Blue, yes I, am wiser, and ready for my new life. Sky Blue is the universal healer It helps us remain calm and can overcome obstacles. Pale Blue. helps us let go of the past, being free of the clutter of the mind, helping to become more at peace and filtering out negative energies.

From the book with the Blue cover The Meaning Of Live

“And when you know, or even suspect you know what you should do with your life. Then do it. Take a leap in the dark if you have to. Then hit the ground running, because you don’t have a second to lose”

Join me next week for the last five days.





A cloudy morning sky, but as we turn to come home from a morning walk, a slim pale ORANGE strip can be seen on the horizon. We picked up our pace to get home as fast as possible for what I think will be a great show to have with breakfast.

The breakfast tray was ready in double quick time, and our breakfast on the verandah was started.

The pale strip stayed the same for a while longer then began to expand. As I looked through the dividing metal bars in between the apartments next door I could see that the sky over towards the airport is now marbled with Pink and Blue and moving at some speed the bright pinks are catching up.

Making the most of the last of my slice of toast and slowly sipping my coffee, as I watch the sky slowly change to that magnificent Magenta, Orange and Gold. I felt as if I was also drinking in Magenta’s power to assume new responsibilities, the amazing way it can lighten the spirit and It’s ability to put back love, that has been lost.

Time is moving on but still I sit at peace, just lapping up the wondrous colours

Magenta’s love in the little things. Gold giving a little serenity and trust. While Orange brings in the positive force in our lives giving inspiration and deep insight. What a delightful moment, Truly, breakfast delights.




Although Autumn is my very favourite season, Spring comes a very close second.

Here in New Zealand’s North Island, we have a more weather friendly winter often mild and very often with lots of rain. So spring comes along very slowly towards the last month of Winter. At first with very few clumps of our New Zealand snowdrops and the large blousie pink Magnolias. Then the other wonderful spring flowers start to show up, just the odd Daffodil to start with, then more and more arrive and the very lovely Magnolias with the tight buds of so many different shades of Pink and white and of course the deep Magenta and breathtaking deep wine. We keep an eye out as they begin to open up, showing us the wonderfully shaded petals. A delight each time we step out for our daily walks.

We then, of course, get more excited as the Kowhai flowers come along with their amazingly bright golden yellow bell-shaped flowers. Soon the trees are covered with the flowers and we are made aware that spring is really here at last.

On the hill above the top terrace at Western park, you can find it coved with the beautiful Kowhi trees, all the same variety, in fact about thirty trees in total.

As we walked along on the third terrace in the bright spring sunshine one afternoon last week the sight of the glorious yellow was rather breathtaking. Among the tree the beautiful native birds, the Tui were having a great time singing to each other and darting from one branch to another as they feed on the sweet nectar. Some were arguing, while other chased away any other type of bird from there trees. They move so fast, one could get a little dizzy just watching them diving and swooping like small children playing and having fun together.

The heart was lightened, the soul seemed to sigh with the sheer pleasure of such a magical moment.



At last, after five weeks of the shop re-vamp, it is finished. That is apart from putting the stock in it,s final place, and of course the cleaning. I have never seen so much dust in so many places before. I’m pleased to report that we are making great headway with dusters and bottles of glass cleaner. The shop itself is looking rather nice. At the moment we have just two colours Dark GRAY carpet tiles and so very WHITE walls. I am hoping that the inside sign writing will give us some colours to give the finished look a little bit more sparkle. So what are Grey,s attribute,s Grey is informed, respectable and dependable? It is distinguished and competent. Grey is the bridge between black and white. Grey, like steel, knows that it has to be tempered before a new shape can emerge. Persistence and endurance are the grey aspects of the life force, and will eventually lead to serenity. But of course, so much Grey in your life can drain your energy and make life more than a little gloomy.!!
White contains an equal balance of all the colours of the spectrum. white brings light into situations and will help to clarify issues in times of stress. It always seeks to be fair. Doctors and nurses wear white, we feel safe and calm in their care. White gives us a feeling of trust and being in charge. It is a really good colour to wear on dull days when our thoughts wander into shady places or when cloudy sky oppress our thoughts. White is charitable, efficient, organized and superior. I am sure John Wesley was thinking of white when he said “Cleanliness is, next to Godliness” white is crispness, time and space, open and positive, White can also make us feel lonely, isolated and bored. So if you’re thinking of popping in to see us at the shop and give the new décor the once over. Please wear your brightest colours and help me smile a little more.




A sunny afternoon a couple of weeks ago. Jasper and I walked from Mill road to the quarry, and then along the track beside the Huatoki Stream.

Something white had caught my eye. So I decided to investigate what it was.

So off we went over the wide concrete bridge and up the grass track, then along, we were now overlooking the stream and the flat floor of the quarry.

What I saw from a distance was one very small tree, just a few branches really. Hanging on the branches were four pure white magnolias hanging like large white handkerchiefs.

From the track, the lens only showed a fuzzy photo. So the intrepid girl her camera and the dog started making our way closer. I slithered, wobbled a little and in the end sat down and wriggled further down the slope to get the photos.

I then made the decision that it would be safer to go to the bottom of the slope and walk back to the bridge. I may never have got back up to the grass track.

Once home, I could hardly wait to upload my photos onto the computer. I’m really so pleased with them. I didn’t tell anyone where or how I got them until now. It’s nice to know that the photos are safely tucked in a folder. Hope some of my GOOGLE+ and Facebook friends will think they were worth going out on a limb for the clear, perfect and brave colour white.




Moving into the Orange apartment changed my life in so many ways. Damaging my lower back also made me look at life in a very different way. I could no longer don the cloak of a super woman and live my life in a beat of double time. It became a new way of life as I relaxed more. I even started taking each day at a much slower pace, something I had never allowed myself to do before. The energy and “go” ability I had always taken for granted had gone and I had changed.

The extra large windows along one side of my new home overlook the deck and the busy road below. The sky fills in a great deal of the window space. I have never had such a grand view of the sky or had time to just linger over coffee or watch the many different movements throughout the day. I can watch the morning light while Jasper and I have breakfast on the delightful deck or when wet, watch for any spots of light in the dark storm clouds. I follow the huge Cumulus clouds that look like giant heads of cauliflower, so white and fluffy against a bright blue sky. I love the stratocumulus clouds; light, fluffy and fast as they move in the high winds. Nothing is as lovely as sitting in a comfortable arm chair with dinner on a tray on one’s lap, just watching the sunset in all its glory. There are times when dinner can last an hour or more. And the thought that I’m wasting time never enters my mind. As our days start to lengthen.and the late afternoon and early evenings bring the wonderful pinks, golds and lastly, the silver sheen into my view I find myself more and more in love with the magic sky and the clouds.

I’ve heard about people who are Stargazers and wondered if there was a name for people like me who love to watch clouds, the many colours and the ever changing sky. This is what I found out on the internet that made me smile. A group called … The Cloud Appreciation Society and the fact that the word, Nephrology, is the study of clouds; I even came across a name for people who love to take photos of clouds. It sounds rather grand: Nephologrepher . Please don’t wait to grow older to find more orange in your life. Take time every day to stop and look at the wonderful sky.

Following on from last weeks page. Let us look at Red and Orange,s complementary colours. Green and Blue plus a few add on’s.


Following on from last weeks page. Let us look at Red and Orange,s complementary colours. Green and Blue plus a few add on’s.

GREEN is the colour associated with the heart, it brings us hope, trust and honesty. It is tactful and tolerant is gives oneself- control when the shop re-vamp threatened to be overpowering. Green, lets you forgive yourself when you become weary of the ongoing mess in the shop, when you felt you were not pulling your weight, maybe because of your age or your upbringing that had told you, “you must keep up with everyone” We all pulled together, using Greens strength for its dependability, and to do the best you can. After getting home changing and grabbing Miss Maddy, off we would go for our afternoon walk. You just can’t beat a walk through the park with all those green trees and the green grass under your feet.

BLUE bring us memories of cloudless summer skies, peaceful lakes and the sea with it,s many changing blues. From the pale grey with just a hint of blue, through to turquoise gently lapping on the shore to the depth and power of indigo. Blue is patience, loyal and steadfast. Blue helps you through any problem. It helps when you realise you can’t always go by the book and have to find other ways of getting the job done.

How about a dash of YELLOW? This bright vibration kept us cheerful and focused. There were yellow smiles when one of my favourite customers came in on day two and laughed as she saw what was going on and said “Did you misplace something? and laughter, when the guy,s were using the nail gun very close to two of us girls when it was fired I felt as If I jumped a couple of inches in the air. We looked at each other and really laughed out loud. we learnt to be flexible and adaptable with yellows bright sunny ray. Yellows desire to learn saw me learning to sort out the left and right sides of the brackets. Where to put them on the waiting strips on the new walls, and then to fit the sheets of glass on the brackets correctly. Every day I used Yellow to go into the battle and let Yellow censor my thoughts amongst the confusion. We saw PINK a great deal as we all worked together. The builders, the electricians, the computer whizz guys, one plumber and last but not least the painter. We used Pinks power of being amiable, considerate and co-operative. We were kind to each other and saw so many careful and caring moments. Still a great deal to get through, BUT with the help of MAGENTA who is the greatest organiser of them all. We will be looking forward to a brighter shop